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(for aisha)



can you find

the holy poem

that will write you of me

now in this time and place?


can you find it

without hesitation

or deliberation,

without manipulation,


or duplicity?


if you are

that sacred flower,

then open your gates

continuously and majestically,


before a death

should embrace you -


before your body

turns cold winter,

and IAM left

with trembling chill

of your physical absence.


if your heart

now experiences

the fragrance

of a superior love,

can there possibly be an

"in love"

greater than this?


can you now sustain

to ingest this loving



can you love

"The Love" now -




endless climax?




Oh Ibrahim!
(a response to SIAM)
you penetrate through
my flesh and bone
through all of the stones
that i have thrown
to only have them boomerang
inside my brain
and bring false loves
that blossomed pain
with ease i receive
the love you send
my heart opens unafraid

to let you in

without fingertips you touch
my soul
without even a sound
your words take hold
within your eyes is
illuminated direction
within your heart is
pure protection
within your soul is
treasures of pure gold
a place to rest
and watch dreams unfold
In flight with you is effortless
the journey is very high
but truly blessed
if i could just get my wings to grow
I'd fly with you forevermore
102207. 9:02PM