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Poems honoring SIAM

"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come."
                                                                                 ~Victor Hugo




I dreamt about a red Earth floor

Food finger-scraped from a wooden bowl

And you asleep in the stagnant heat

While an angel without a shadow blocked the open door

I knew then, you were with

the spirit again –

The apparition was friend.


You did not hear him, he has no need to speak

His message was not for ear

He guards the entry, positions himself near

You will only encounter him there, not here.


He hovers in the outside corner of your eye

He appears as a thought passing by

He shows the way, but not the reason why.

He brings you safety, he does not come to watch

(the) tears you cry

He has no offer to make or power to deny


And then morning comes, for you,

and I open the third eye wide

To catch one more glimpse of mountain

          And sky

To inhale deep to keep the scent of ocean salt

And swallow down a dusty throat

The Earth of your Africa

I see only from my vision realm boat

Sailing away fast from the angel allegory

So I wrote a poem to tell a story


Even I dream places I’ve never been

Even I understand an angel guards your pen

Even I recognize Africa cradled my friend

And I saw the angel that honors a man, named SIAM


Brenda”Miss B” Jones




The Father Hugged Me

Dedicated to Father SIAM



I’ve prayed many days for your comfort

I mean… more than the Psalms that I read in the book of TRUTH

this little girl needed to hear the words, “Baby Girl, I celebrate you”.

made me feel like… my life is worth living after all,

after all Father the Chosen One,

u know how to speak life that resurrects a dead girl walking:

your attentiveness to my simple existence,

allowed you to connect in the spiritual sense to my energy,

you already knew me before the word was spoken…

thank you for hugging me… thank you for loving me…


My Father Hugged me






And their prophet said unto those elders: "Behold, now God has raised up Saul to be your king." They said: "How can he have dominion over us when we have a better claim to dominion than he, and he has not [even] been endowed with abundant wealth?" [The prophet] replied: "Behold, God has exalted him above you, and endowed him abundantly with knowledge and bodily perfection. And God bestows His dominion upon whom He wills for God is infinite, all-knowing." Suratal-Baqara (The Cow), Ayatul 247

Forty days and forty nights passed four and a half times more than I wanted
For holding my breath until your return left me somewhat daunted
But it was not, is not, and never will be my will that will be done
But rather it is the Will of the Most High, The Holy One
Who has brought forth the bristling rays of the sun
And caused them to arise over the Western horizon.
God, Allah, Jehovah, Yah is always at His best,
Providing to us His best, though not without trials and tests
Which means the King was obligated to go on excursion
Through valleys of vices and over crags of perversion
To Senegalese sand more perilous than the Persian
Just to carry back to me a taste of the immersion
That he received from sipping the sweet Sacred elixir
Shaken but not stirred, he has become the mixer
The chaser to my intoxicating iniquities
And eradicating my masochism and resulting self-pity
With poetical lyrics ever so witty
But poignant enough to get to the nitty gritty
Of who I really am and why I do what I do
Why sometimes I'm royalty and sometimes I'm the court fool.
He holds the mirror to my own self introspection
While shearing away the veils that hide my reflection
So I can gaze upon my fallacies and thrust them towards subjection
While cultivating the serene lea in me that denotes my perfection
So now the King is beaming with the brightest of solar ray
That has captured and is overtaking this subject whether at rest or astray.
Penetrating my auditory canals with the song he was born to sing
Reminding me of the melodies that the Prophets did duly bring
And filling my days with anticipation of rebirth like the coming of Spring
I cannot help but to be elated over the Return of the King.
MameDiarra Bousso M'Backe


Excerpt from SPEECHLESS that matches perfectly for SIAM
...It’s hard to find words for you…..nouns, verbs and adjectives serve an underrated purpose when it comes to you…. …you are the unspeakable….almost the unthinkable….you go left field of regular verbiage, so forgive me if my speech becomes halted when I try to speak to you….if my communication seems tense, its not due to lack of connection to you….simply put….you leave me speechless….and I’m a poet… But you…you are poetry….you are the sonnets that lullaby me to sleep when I awake in a writers block…you are my lover’s rock, and your stock keeps my dow love jones rising like the heat from the sun that strikes the equator…. You are the alphabet….the letters that form words… …L……O……V……E…. ..you are love before it’s spoken….you are the syllables of sound….you are vowels….I, O, U, A, E…-mail…everyday, just so you know I care….just so you know that no matter where I am or who I am around, thoughts of you stay in my front pocket like loose change….…. This is a poem i wrote for someone who was in love and didnt know how to say it and i thought the very beginning was really a good way of interpreting the feelings that SIAM leaves me and the audience feeling...."so forgive us if our speech becomes hatled, you just leave us (that includes me)...SPEECHLESS...
Kendria "nSAYchable" Smith


A Glorious Day for Shaikh Ibrahim



As I sit in your presence Poetic King

I go into a state where I can only hear

You sing to my heart - awaking

My Love that I have for GOD


With your powerful spiritual voice  


You touch me in the unseen where only my

Soul can receive the jewels that have been

Given to you by GOD   


You are an Eternal Light in my life

No more will darkness oversee

The Love that I carry


You are my mountain while I’m here on earth

You are my fruit when I need nutrition

You are my fresh water when I’m thirsty

You are my eagle when I need to take flight


You are my guide on my righteous path I trust that you

Will call upon GOD when I’m in need of help -

When the battles are becoming overwhelming for your disciple’s journey


On this day father SIAM I thank you for giving me understanding

Of who IAM and this is that I can become 1 with God

On this day father SIAM you give me direction and that is back to God

On this day father SIAM I will stand firm by

Your side as a Spiritual Son and a Spiritual Warrior


On this day I thank GOD for you

This day HE gave you life

I want to thank GOD for the day

HE gave you your Shaikh which is a new life

I want to thank GOD for the day

Your Shaikh gave you your eagle wings


I want to thank you for welcoming me into

Your eagle’s nest that rests on top of the mountain peak

On this day Shaikh Ibrahim I want to say

I love you and have a Glorious Day





Yes, SI-AM


Popeye and his dirty-dirty jargon

From the sweet-potato south

Tried to spit it - got it half right

Talking out the side of his mouth -

Said “I yam what I yam.”

Like he was stepping up for the pie

Like he could keep it real

As another acronismic mind -

One that studied as he pondered

One that stayed still as he wondered

Smiled even as he worried

Prayed even when he didn’t flourish

And allowed nature takes its course

Consulted the universes’ source

With question after question

And his answers weren’t suggestions

So he had to respond;

Yes, SI-AM!


Then he heard the silent bell ring

And he sure saw the Light glowing

And once, an angel rising in surprise

From the mud floor of his room

From the country that is womb

And his words now flow across the pages

Marking passages in stages

Without cartoon, without fanfare

He reigns with grace everywhere

Blesses you when you don’t even know

Answered your question before you spoke.


Popeye paraphrased a philosopher

And we all took it as a joke -

The poet prophet paints a serious pen

Because, dear ears, words commemorate

The man -


Happy Monumental Birthday


To a human being named

Yes, - SIAM!



BK Jones/Fatima




SIAM the words of Light

Spoken to vessels

Seeds sown into soil creative

Motivational, inspirational

SIAM the one that makes

You think beyond a do-re-me-scale

Expand your vocabulary

Dig deep into the gift you’ve been given

Stop trying to be hidden

By and behind

What you think you do not have

SIAM nudges you with

Coherent verses of insanity

To step up to the plate

Be transparent

Open up to the earth

Let them see the Divinity

Of your black onyx oyster shell pearl

You been at the bottom of the waters too long

Come on up to the surface cause

SIAM the one to hold your hand

As you go along

With cosmically infinite statements of strength

And encouragement

Who separates none, who loves all

SIAM speaks, earth listens

SIAM walks, earth follows

SIAM loves, earth receives





~SunRae Phoenix~