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A Simple Gift

A poem
             by The Great Mike Pharez



So simple HE formed spitballs...that formed new eyeballs that gave the blind man 20/20



So simple HE turned water into wine

But we’ve turned them into wine-o’s and DUIs: Driving Under Ignorance

Alcohol doesn’t influence-it absorbs your significance

And throws you up after your done sippin’ it ---or it’s done sippin’ you!



So simple HE makes dead things come alive-Live things look fly-fly things fly high

Into skies where their cries become laughter--cuz in Earth-Stadiums the rafters are filled with fatherless sons we call bastards and motherless daughters we call future disasters...



So simple HE used words to make words, formed worlds with words to grow more words and mouths to spit words...for ears like yours to hear words and pencils to write for people to get words with envelopes to mail words…power of life and death in WORDS!


So powerful others use them to define who you are and if you disagree

Then use words to express your disagreement with “I Disagree” words...

But be very careful-because words will retaliate...

And when they do, you’ll probably hear “beep-beep-beep” words to censor “bad” words

Because in our society INSPIRATION words are overlooked by people who hold


And overbooked by people who’ve learned their power, future-inspiration-words!


So blessed we are, that we get to choose words

Even when we’ve been dealt wrong words like “why were you born words”

That lead to death words like “suicide”...so with words we can kill carriers of words

Individuals who may help to save a generation one day!


Words travel in more ways than you can imagine

So before you choose to spit words, sing words or recite words…

Ask yourself what happens AFTER-WORDS!