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My Ministry
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Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba
Founder of Mouridiyya & The Holy City of Touba, Senegal

If i say IAM Muslim, you will put me into your packaged media-brainwashed terrorist box.  If i say IAM Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, or whatever name that's out there, you will do the same or something somewhat similar. If i say, IAM that IAM, a reflective embodiment of that Divinely endless and continuous eternal verb to be, you will be angry because it fits no building or organized structure that you so desperately need to feel that you belong to with acceptance. 


What do you call someone who wants to exemplify in his life and actions all the ethical and moral standards represented by people like Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Lao Tzu, and so forth?  May the Peace and Blessings of the Divine ONE be forever upon them.  None of these great BEings taught us historically to worship them; instead, they taught us to follow their example in BEing like or evolving into even more than them.  What box do you put someone in that has broken free of all boxes and definitions; and, as the Late great Dr. Howard Thurman once said, "No one can deny that institutions are the means by which great creative concepts are held in tact, but unfortunately they have also become the means by which those same great creative concepts have often become embalmed."


i simply live and strive to be the best HUman being i can possibly be, to evolve to the highest level of HUman development and achievement i can possibly BEcome, and i will not polarize myself by wearing any religious or political definition that dictates IAM somehow ‘saved’ and you are not because you don't fit any of my dogmatic belief systems.  My entire life, i have seen too many people destroyed psychologically and emotionally by folks who are ignorantly

determined to do this.


If you could not talk with your preaching mouth, how would you demonstrate who and what you are?  What do you know experientially as opposed to what you believe doctrinally and theoretically? 


i want to be free to be true to all the Truth that has been vouchsafed to me; and, for me not to live up to this, makes my life an absolute lie and a complete failure.  To me, this is the real authentic sin of any man or woman on this planet or elsewhere located in this OMniverse. 


i want to love the unlovable.  i want to redeem the unredeemable.  i want to reach those no church, mosque, temple or label wants to accept or be bothered with.  i want to identify with everyone that wants to see this entire HUman race live up to its complete HUman and Divine potential.


i want to dance, twirl, and sing, beyond your talk of polarized doctrines and isolationist spiritual, political, and cultural theories.


i want to be the best HUman BEing i can possibly BE.


i say:





And that's enough!