A Gift of Love

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For Maria

(On Valentine’s Day)


A trust of giving,

A commitment to living,

Love is a state of BEing,

Not an act of physicality,

But a locus of spirituality.


With the rays of my heart i sanctify you,

With the Light of my hope i inspire you,

With the Grace of His compassion i enfold you.


If i burn you with my eyes rejoice in your soul

That this poet has touched you.


No distance,

No time,

No space,

Can hinder my Lightbody from kissing you.


IAM  mystical village,

My expanse cannot be defined or confined,

IAM  beyond any definition.


In this contrition and Holy exposure –

i embrace you .


If i can walk and touch the world through you,

i have penetrated you.


IAM inside you –


No boundaries,

No limitations,

No negative sublimation –


A Universal Estimation.


We are that Sacred Declaration,

A Nebulaed Potency,

A disclosure of Knowing Glowing.


i love you!

i love you!

i love you!