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( for Israel Shamir)


You arrived,

as a carefully

wrapped white package

in my mailbox from Tel Aviv,


Your authentic

signatured word,

carved by flaming prophetic fingers

into Holygraphic Sinaitic Mountain

of literary stone,


A living breathing

autographed book of

luminous electrifying flowers

from Israel’s Galilee

floating softly in my air,

gently wafting the flashing scent of

your mind, heart, and soul

before my inner nostrils,


You, a poet’s poet

who sings the Divinely inspired song

of hope and longing

for the oppressed and dispossessed

of the Holiest of ancient lands,


You, Great Oasis

in a barren desert for

thirsty wearied travelers

in search of Light and Truth,

an ordained raging wind, rain, and storm,

purifying a new day’s dawning,


The Magic of our Greater Selves,

sacred images of this Multiverse –


Reflected in your eyes.