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Khoudia, My African Queen


Everybody's "Mom" Jara
 Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Mbacké
...And Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Mbacké Now

My Queen, Brigida


My Queen Mame Diarra

NO Superficiality Allowed Here


when i remove all of your clothes

& your vulnerability is witnessed

naked & without obstruction,

there should be no fear of this

consecrated nakedness,

no mistrust or disgust –


no peeping or peeking

& no disclosure in keeping,

no superficiality spoken

& no inward bones broken.


here all doors are open

yet there is no place to run –


i do not rape or desecrate those IAM

sent to heal & make whole,

to lift high in exaltation –

those of my Queens brave enough to love

& sing the majestic song of acceptance.


no hiding place here

where the light shines

to wipe out all darkness of you,

no placation or false proclamations

of karmic overtures you have learned so well

to masquerade as you –


no psychological games in intellectual frames

that deceive & lay to sleep the best in you;


i will not be reaction to your obvious distractions.

i will not appear unless you come near to being

true to you.


what color is this tasting upon your tongue do you see?


what smell of divine fragrance do you now hear spoken

in your ear?


no hiding place to appear where IAM

seer & master of self –


IAM me in the shadow & light of you

in the silence of your loudness,

IAM kissing & beholding a holding you too,





without self-destruction.