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i Danced With a SunRae



Tonight i danced with a SunRae,

and in that merging moment

of endless time i recognized

her light was a part of mine,

her beauty a divine reflection

in my eye.


her Organic loveliness

became a Supreme epiphany

piercing my natural Soul -


her glory lit up my world!


her spirit took on the form

of flesh as she slowly twirled;


she brought me joy!


her elegant rhythms of heaven,

her steps measured with eternal grace,


her softness,

her sweetness -


This night i danced with a SunRae;


i tasted,

i saw,

i felt,


i smelled,

i touched,

i heard,


IAM Phoenix rising

flaming ashes once again,

this elevation a music of celestial spheres,

it always is whenever she is near;

she does not know yet who she is,

but i know and that's enough for now;


SunRae, when you walk into a room,

Shaytan starts screaming and running,

and fallin' down and writhing in the floor

like he's having an epileptic seizure!


BEcause your Christ Light burns the hell out of him. 


SunRae, you are that Great primordial Atlantian Queen,

returned to us, whose dynasty birth wombed ancient Egypt. 

What i would not give to see you fashion model

your ancient Nubian grace, once more our space,

before this place of sin sick world!


The simplicity of the profundity,

The profundity of the simplicity,


The equation is a maturation;


SunRae equals SunRA,

SunRA equals SunRae.

The particle is the whole,

The whole is within the particle.


“And Greater things than these shall you do,” he said.


Like Pablo Neruda -


i have always loved her,

i have always known her,

i saw her even before meeting her,


who could ever forget her?


As i was leaving the ballroom

she smiled and blew me a Holy kiss -


This poem is for SunRae,

she illuminates my heart,

and takes the darkness away.


Shaytan is the Muslim name of him whom the Christian calls Satan, both pronunciations are direct expressions for the same diabolical spirit, or evil one, also known throughout history as the Devil.